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General description about MARI Online Clinic services
MARI Online Clinic Services provide individuals the opportunity to easily interact with word-class physicians regarding any health concerns. Our team of physicians are well qualified in providing online-based care and aim to provide the most accurate diagnosis for its patients under high clinical standards. We provide two types of services which are listed below.
Multidisciplinary treatments (MDTs) are a growing discipline, which can include but are not limited to the following: medical therapy, behavioural therapy, physical reconditioning, and education. Another critical component of MDTs includes at least three of the following categories: psychotherapy, physiotherapy, relaxation techniques, medical treatment, patient education, or vocational therapy.
Have access to medical professionals around the world
Provide answers for your signs & symptoms
100% private and confidential
Specialist services are important for patients who are seeking individualized care for a specific illness, disease, or issue; however, accessing a medical specialist is challenging.
Have access to a medical professional around the world
Be able to monitor your long-term health
Skip the waiting room, no wait times
Provide answers for your signs & symptoms
100% private and confidential
MARI Online Clinic (MOC) is an online medical clinic which has invented a novel protocol to be added to current pathways in diagnosis. This organization benefits from the skills of expert physicians and specialists all around the world. MOC is affiliated with the Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute - MARI. MARI is a non-profit research organization dedicated to conducting research on “Misdiagnosis,” “Error in Treatment,” “Malpractice,” and overall, all errors happening in the healthcare and medical fields. MARI and its subsidiaries aim to remove the limitations and boundaries placed on healthcare and improve quality of life by providing excellent and equitable care to all.