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This article emphasizes the need the world has when it comes to health care quality. Fortunately, today 4.66 billion people have internet access. These billions of users now have a chance to access the best health care opportunities by simply accessing the clinic website. The mission of the MARI Online Clinic is to connect patients with a doctor who has been educated in the best institutions and has a practice of excellence not only in practical medicine but also in research. As a result, MARI Clinic will contribute to the prevention of misdiagnosis and medical malpractice.

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Online Medicine

The first formal computer was invented approximately around 1984. Since then, the world has been experiencing exponential changes in technology. Many innovations in the computer technology revolution have provided unlimited opportunities to address different problems in the global society. One of the most significant problems that have affected the global society throughout history is healthcare. Under the health care system can be found different issues that can be solved by using the internet. One of these problems is the economic disparities and how it impacts the access to health care for many individuals around the world. According to an article published by the St. George's University School of Medicine, communities worldwide do not have complete access to health care. As a result of income inequality, individuals and families are unable to afford health care [2]. On the other hand, there are people out there in the world with economic stability, but they do not have access to a hospital nor a physician because they live in countries with poor biomedical resources. The St. George's University article defines that in order to solve these economic and social challenges, health care professionals all over the globe must explore opportunities to uplift underrepresented communities in public health forums, encourage physicians to practice in remote areas, and introduce policies that reduce barriers and increase access to health care [2]. Without a doubt, the Misdiagnosis Association & Research Institute has committed to uplift the underrepresented communities and help the victims of health care elitism. For this particular reason, the Misdiagnosis Association & Research Institute decided to open a bridge to cross the gap between health care disadvantages and the humans' biomedical necessities. This bridge is called the MARI Clinic branch. The primary purpose of this online clinic is to connect patients with well-known world-class physicians worldwide. We aim to help patients who have already been diagnosed but would like to check their concerns with world-class specialists. We are proud to collaborate with borderless, academic-based physicians and specialists affiliated with top-ranked universities leading in research around the world.

MARI Clinic provides services that other organizations cannot quickly provide. For example, if a patient is looking for a specialist or sub-specialist physician for a second opinion, MARI Clinic is the best option. This online clinic website will automatically connect the patient with the best sub-specialist around him/ her, or if the patient is from a foreign country, MARI Clinic will help the international patient find the best hospital and/or specialist near his/her country. The online clinic functions by sending the patient's files to a specialist or sub-specialist, and the physician will contact the MARI Clinic. As highlighted before, the MARI Clinic wants to contribute to the fixing of the global healthcare system. In 2017, the World Health Organization published that according to a World Bank and WHO report, at least half of the world's population cannot obtain essential health services [3]. Fortunately, as of January of 2021, the number of active users on the internet reached 4.66 billion. In other words, 59.5 percent of the global population has access to the internet [1]. The MARI Clinic's main purpose is to increase the chances of these 4.66 billion and provide them a source that gives them access to a doctor who has been educated in the best institutions and has a practice of excellence not only in practical medicine but also in research. By serving as an intermediary, the MARI Clinic will contribute to preventing misdiagnosis and malpractice in medicine.


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MARI Online Clinic (MOC) is an online medical clinic which has invented a novel protocol to be added to current pathways in diagnosis. This organization benefits from the skills of expert physicians and specialists all around the world. MOC is affiliated with the Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute - MARI. MARI is a non-profit research organization dedicated to conducting research on “Misdiagnosis,” “Error in Treatment,” “Malpractice,” and overall, all errors happening in the healthcare and medical fields. MARI and its subsidiaries aim to remove the limitations and boundaries placed on healthcare and improve quality of life by providing excellent and equitable care to all.