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About MARI Online Clinic

Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute (MARI) is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary academic organization focused on research in the fields of misdiagnosis, malpractice, and error in medicine. MARI collaborates with more than 600 professors, academic professionals, physicians, and researchers worldwide. This organization is dedicated to finding the root causes of error in medicine and addresses them through awareness, education, and proactive research.

MARI Online Clinic aims to connect patients with well-known world-class physicians around the world. We aim to help patients who have already been diagnosed, but are not satisfied with their diagnosis, in providing the opportunity to confirm their health concerns with world-class specialists. We are proud to be collaborating with borderless, academic-based physicians and specialists affiliated with top universities worldwide who are leaders in their research field.

MARI Online Clinic focuses on providing the most accurate diagnosis for its patients. In order to achieve this goal, MARI has developed a hub to connect world-class physicians and experts. The connection between the specialists makes it possible to look at a patient's health concerns from different perspectives. When a patient joins the MARI Online Clinic and needs to connect to specialists, based on their chosen service, 5 to 28 physicians will review their health concerns.

Our History
improving for a better world.
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“It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.”
– Mahatma Gandhi
Our Value
Quality, safety, and security
The MARI Online Clinic vision is to gain the trust of patients by putting them in the best position to find the most accurate diagnosis. With research and education we strive to reduce the number of patients suffering from a disease, and promote quality health care by serving as a second opinion website.
The MARI Online Clinic mission is to help virtual patients from all over the world by finding the best specialist available to consult or treat their conditions. We are committed to reducing the number of malpractice and misdiagnosis cases that affects around 12 million Americans each year.
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MARI Online Clinic (MOC) is an online medical clinic which has invented a novel protocol to be added to current pathways in diagnosis. This organization benefits from the skills of expert physicians and specialists all around the world. MOC is affiliated with the Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute - MARI. MARI is a non-profit research organization dedicated to conducting research on “Misdiagnosis,” “Error in Treatment,” “Malpractice,” and overall, all errors happening in the healthcare and medical fields. MARI and its subsidiaries aim to remove the limitations and boundaries placed on healthcare and improve quality of life by providing excellent and equitable care to all.